Ascanio Borga is a composer and multi-instrumentalist based in Rome.

...excerpts from the reviews:

"Berlin School affiliations notwithstanding (and I’d venture that in this instance such affiliations are suggested in slight reference only), Borga’s music is striking in as much as its constituent parts speak of a far more intelligent and altogether substantial whole." Darren Bergstein (e|i mag)

"Inner Geometry still stands up as a strong example of the ambient genre." Chris Downton (cyclic defrost)

"The 18-minute Inner Geometry masterly employed Terry Riley's minimalist techniques in a very personal context. (...) This [Bad Ground] is intense abstract soundsculpting with an almost neoclassical elegance." Piero Scaruffi

"Highly ambient, but with a healthy dose of experimentalism. (...) Ambient industrial music with a big 'A' and a big 'I'." Frans de Waard (Vital Weekly)

"An excellent accomplishment and a worthy example of the genre." Stephen Fruitman (sonomu)

A complete discography/list of published works can be found here.